We cant go to school forever Nigeria youth please learn this


If 2y(5x-7y) -6y X +6 = 45 find x.
Yesterday I was in the sitting room watching a program called
China24 on CCTV NEWS, an electric lamp manufacturer was
interviewed together with his workers in his factory. The workers
are kids between the ages or 12-18 the most beautiful part of it
was that the kids can on their own manufacture some. Now let’s
come down to Nigeria. Nigerian students are busy searching for
“x” while students in the developed countries are manufacturing
things for the development of their countries.
In Nigeria, our engineering students spend nearly all their time
solving difficult equations and searching for “x”. In Nigeria,
students will be asked to search for “x” I do smile and ask myself
how can we use Algebra and simultaneous equation to boost the
How can we use the located “x” to solve the challenges facing us?
In Nigeria, teacher will draw a circle having dots in it on the chalk
board and tell the kids “this is an Orange” imagine.
In Nigeria, a teacher will be in the class room using acid to change
litmus paper to red on the chalk board. In fact, in Nigeria the best
place to mix acid with base is on chalk board.
In Nigeria, a teacher will be in the class teaching rock and it types
and expect the students to be able to identify them in real sense
how possible? However, the above are some of the reasons why
at 50+ as an oil producing country we are still importing tooth-
pick and matches. Our brain has been channel to the fact that
failure to go to school will end one up as a domestic servant of the
educated ones which I seriously disagree with. We can’t all be in
the class room at the same time and expect us to catch up with
the developed countries, it never done; we will keep depending on
them with such barbaric idea.
Let those that are willing to go into sport be on the field or track
not in class room, Christiano Ronaldo who was formally in Real
Madrid FC but currently in Juventus was expelled from school at
the age of 14 and today he is a world class footballer.
Those that are willing to create some usefull things in terms of
technologies, and I.C.Ts should be fully supported. Bill Gates from
U.S.A was a school drop-out but became one of the richest men
in the world with what he created called “Software”.
Let take those that are good in construction to factories or
workshops not class room. Let’s take away pen from our
engineering students and send them out of class.
Let’s take away pen from those that are willing to take hoe,
cutlass, hammer, saw, screw driver etc.
Our too much dependent on pen is sending us backward.
To me, spending 5, 6 or more years in tertiary institution is
nothing but a total waste of time, 3 years is enough for
engineering courses.
12 calender month is enough for food related courses and 3 or 4
years is enough to be a lawyer. Imagine our youth spending
8years of their lives in university and still our Government don’t
trust on their expertise rather they travel out of the country.
At this juncture, I will like to call on the government at all level to
look into this and find a lasting solution to it. Lastly our
government should stop sending the talented ones away by
sending them aboard for training and failed to establish/provide
where they will be discharging what they’ve learnt or the skills
they’ve acquired upon their arrival.
If we can do this, I believe that few years to come Nigeria will be
the greatest country of the world and others will queue in.
All Nigerians need to know this, especially the Students. Not all of
us are meant to become University professors. So we should
think of something we can do very well and establish our God
given talents in such aspects.


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